Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Thomas Talbott's Gauntlet" by Scot McKnight

"Thomas Talbott, perhaps America’s most well-known Christian universalist, has laid down three observations that, when combined, are — so he contends — incompatible. One of them must be wrong. 
In the book, Universal Salvation?: The Current Debate, edited by Robin Parry (aka, Gregory Macdonald) and Christopher Partridge, Talbott’s ideas are both presented — by Talbott — and then subjected to scrutiny by those who agree and disagree. But here are his three observations: 
1. God’s redemptive love extends to all human sinners equally in the sense that he sincerely wills or desires the redemption of each one of them. 
2. Because no one can finally defeat God’s redemptive love or resist it forever, God will triumph in the end and successfully accomplish the redemption of everyone whose redemption he sincerely wills or desires 
3. Some human sinners will never be redeemed but will instead be separated from God forever. 
First, a question: Do you believe all three are possible to hold together logically? Yes or no, why or why not?"
I'm a big fan of Scot McKnight as well as Talbott, so this was a great and provocative post. Enjoy!

The book contains several great authors; Eric Reitan, Daniel Strange, I. Howard Marshall, Jerry Walls, and John Sanders. So you have a full spectrum. Enjoy!

Thomas Talbott's Gauntlet


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