Monday, March 12, 2012

Mitt Romney & the Southern "Conservative" Vote

I am closer to political conservatism than I am to political liberalism. That said, I found this interesting that both Santorum and Gingrich are fighting a losing battle to see who has the bigger "conservative" set of red, white and blue testicles.

That said twice, check out the article by the Christian Science Monitor.
“The latest PPP poll has Gingrich slightly ahead of Romney and Santorum (33 percent to 31 percent and 27 percent, respectively), and a Rasmussen poll conducted several days ago had Romney leading by 8 points. A win in either state would be big for Romney, not so much because of the delegates at stake (between them, they have 90 delegates), but because of the symbolic victory of finally making an inroad into the South."
For further reading, Romney & TCSM


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