Monday, March 5, 2012

TheoPerspectives, "What does Scripture say about 2nd and 3rd Base?"

I'm currently awaiting a potential copy of "Conditional Futurism" and I may be interviewing the author James Goetz in the near future. He's a cool cat, and the world needs more dope felines around. For now, here is a post of his own. 

Disclaimer, there are some frank writing within the post. Just in case you are unsupervised around the computer. 
He begins:
"I appreciate that many teens and adults have taken a pledge to abstain from sex apart from marriage. Some make this choice primarily for health reasons while others make the choice because they honor God by obeying Scripture. I wish that I did not have to write this embarrassing article, but everybody does not have the same definition for "sex". For example. . ."
For more, TheoPerspectives


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