Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Eating Like a Damn Dirty Hippie, day 1

I figured I'd do something different and I want to try and kick my enjoyment of certain unnecessary foods. Here is the "Damn Dirty Hippie" eating habit rules that I will attempt to implement for the next month.

1) I will drink only water or tea. Nothing with alcohol or caffeine.*

3) No skin on chicken, no fat on anything (I eat one portion and nothing else) and no sauce. Meat is acceptable provided it is not fried.**

4) No fast food.

5) Primary diet is fruits and veggies.

6) Seasoning is limited to a pinch of salt and pepper.

7) No candy or crackers or snacky foods.

8) Bread is acceptable provided it is in the form of a sandwich and only two slices are used and it is multigrain.***

9) String cheese or milk is for my dairy intake. Nothing beyond this. No butter.

10) No eating after 9pm.

Final) For each time I break a rule, I add on a week of this diet.

My diet for today is:

(Note Yahtzee's expression; it is the same as my own right now)

*Hippies do drink alcohol and caffeine, but since it is often taxed and goes to fund PMCs, I consider it evil. Until the 30 days are up. Then it's back to supporting the use of terror and drinking alcohol.

**So I'm inconsistent with hippies, sue me.

***A last resort, of course.

Fingers and taste buds crossed,



  1. I forego everything but caffeine. lol.

    Look forward to reading how this goes.

  2. God, it's already killing me.

    Seriously. Stomach is feeling like a 3rd World Country