Saturday, May 12, 2012

Michael Horton, "Same Sex Marriage Makes a Lot of Sense"

Don't worry, I don't think Michael Horton is outing himself as a liberal. I generally don't agree with Horton on finer points of doctrine, but he's a cool dude. Here, he offers some great insights.
The media is still buzzing with President Obama’s recent announcement that he personally favors same-sex marriage. In 1996, he favored it. In 2004, though, he rejected it (affirming civil unions) on grounds of his Christian convictions that marriage is a “sanctified” union of a man and woman. Now he has reversed that position, again offering his Christian convictions (loving neighbors and being in a church community that accepts same-sex couples) as a rationale. 
Speculations about political motivations aside, the President is hardly alone in his waffling over this controversial issue of significance for American society. Nor is he alone among those who say that they affirm same-sex marriage—or their own homosexual lifestyle—as something that is affirmed by God and their Christian commitment.
For the rest, White Horse Inn.


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