Monday, June 4, 2012

Scot McKnight, "Ten Reasons to Attend Seminary"

Many of you know that I will begin as a faculty member at Northern Seminary, in Lombard IL, this Fall.  I will be teaching Synoptic Gospels, New Testament Theology, Paul, Kingdom of God, and the Ethics of Jesus — and I am very excited about teaching each of these courses. I began my career teaching seminary students, shifted to undergraduates for seventeen years, and now will move into the seminary again. This move has driven me to think and rethink what seminary provides the church, or what the church provides the seminary. Today’s post offers ten reasons for going to seminary, and I know full well that many today both find seminary irrelevant and contend they are “successful” ministers without seminary. I’ve heard not a few of said contenders say that they think seminary would have hurt them. I disagree mostly… and, yes, the MDiv or a seminary degree is the union card or accreditation level for many churches … so here then are ten reasons to attend seminary:

1. Gift enhancement. Seminaries will not “gift” a person but seminaries can almost always enhance the gifts God has given to a person. I have argued for years that seminaries work best when they are populated by ministers and not by folks who think or want, but aren’t sure, if they are gifted or called. What seminaries do well is enhance gifts.

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  1. if God's grace allows, sometime in future i'd LOVE to go to seminary.