Friday, August 10, 2012

The Open Future, The 1000 Year Reign & The Inclusive Nature of Book Reading

Well, several topics have come up on my radar, and I finally have the preliminary resources to research them. I'm more or less done discussing women in ministry (though I have a year long discussion with a friend that I hope ends with one of us converting) and I'm simply weary of the debate.

So, I've decided to hop onto a train that has already set sail. Open theism. I'm currently staring at a copy of The Openness of God by Richard Rice, Clark Pinnock, John Sanders and others. I'm told, as far as anthologies go, this is the best (maybe only?) one. This also includes Greg Boyd's The Openness of God, which I'm excited for.

I'm also working through Allah by Miroslav Volf and finding it quite compelling. I'm also planning a review of Matt Chandler's The Explicit Gospel. The "gospel" as a nebulous term is something I'm interested in. I want to grab Scot McKnight's The King Jesus Gospel as another perspective.

So, expect wrestling over open theism, gospel and perhaps universalism. I wish I could afford Tom Greggs' book Origen, Barth and Universal Salvation, All Shall be Well by Robin Parry and Eric Reitan's God's Final Victory. But, I shall make do. I have Robin Parry's The Evangelical Universalist 2nd Edition and The One Purpose of God by Jan Bonda.

I'm also curious about the debate amongst amillenialists and others. Any (cheapish) books anyone can recommend would be cool. I lean amil, but not in any strong sense.

Open Theism. Universalism. Gospel. Amillenialism. In this is included the perennial debate amongst restrictivists, exclusivists, inclusivists, pluralists and universalists.

So it should be fun. And that is rooibus tea with a base of carved whole limes and chamomile. I wish it was beer. Almost.



  1. Hi Nick,

    I like Richard Bauckham's position on the Millennium:

    Hope against Hope: Christian Eschatology at the Turn of the Millennium
    by Richard Bauckham and Trevor Hart

    The Theology of the Book of Revelation (New Testament Theology)
    by Richard Bauckham

    Climax of Prophecy: Studies on the Book of Revelation
    by Richard Bauckham

    The first two books are entirely in English while the third sometimes quotes Revelation in the original Greek. Cheapish, hmm, you might want to consider the cheapishness of an university library : -)

    1. Hey James,

      I love Bauckham. I shall check those out. ;)

      What about books on open theism? I have Boyd's and the anthology by Pinnock, Rice and others.


  2. I have nothing extra on the bibliography for open theism than that anthology and what is available on the web. As you read in my book, the future is open from human perspective. I cannot take compatibilism seriously because it makes no sense of the appearance of chance events. I believed in Arminian simple foreknowledge for twenty-five years, but I eventually saw little biblical support for it and zero philosophical support for it. I have not read everything about open theism but came to that conclusion while working out my cosmology and emailing a little John Sanders and Tom Belt. Here is a great site: