Monday, September 10, 2012

God and the Atheists that Love Him

Star Trek?
I've followed Alain for a while, and I confess I love the guy. I've read his works and listened to his talks, and I've found him most agreeable. I put him right up there with Austin Dacey and Bart Ehrman as my favorite skeptics. In essence, Alain's project is God without God.

Obviously as a Christian, I'm inclined to snicker a bit. Then I stop and think. A place where atheists can search for and through religion and maintain their view of God. Some may be annoyed at this, others angry at the idea of compromise.

And, sure.

But, I guess my gut tells me that to search in any direction towards truth is always something that intrigues me. I kinda love it.

What should the Christian response be to this?

For the original site, HERE.


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