Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Stupid Writer Challenge Outline

It has been confirmed, oh joy of joys, that this Sunday is my free day to write. As I mentioned before, this challenge will take place on Sunday, December 2nd. Thus far, I have made no other plans to do anything but write.

This is a tentative outline of how this torturous rapterous experience shall commence:

9:00am: Wake up and put on my Diddy face.

9:15am: Eat some form of breakfast. Snap picture of word count and post to FB/twitter for witnesses and my own gratification.

9:30am: Begin writing. 

11:20am: Pause. Snap picture of progress. Upload photo to FB and twitter. Maybe use restroom or drink water.

11:30am: Resume writing.

1:45pm: Stop for lunch. Snap picture. Crack neck. Reform soundtrack.

2:15pm: Back to typing.

4:45pm: Snap picture to account for words written (or lack thereof). 

6:30pm: Eat something. Snack. Chips maybe? 

6:40pm: Write more? Yes please.

8:15pm: Survey damage done. Am I close to goal? Should I cave? Depends on result. Power onwards!

8:30pm: Either stop for day, or press on. This is a conditional point. 

8:35pm: Write on, or cease and enjoy the spoil of me rewards another day. 

10:00pm: This is the cut off switch for my day, the latest I can write.

And there you have my day, or how I plan on it going. 9:30am to the possibility of 10:00pm, with minor breaks here and there. I will shut off my computer's Internet (sad day) and only reestablish a connection once the allotted time is given (updates, photos, etc).

The ultimate goal: 20K words in one day. By my calculations, it is doable, but barely. If I achieve my desired goal, I get to crack open this beauty.

Hashtag: #stupidwriter20K

Appendages crossed.


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