Wednesday, December 26, 2012

(Anti)Goals for 2013

I've never been a big fan of New Year resolutions. I used to make them mostly to amuse myself, once suggesting that I would get irradiated and grow tentacles and become a super villain. This didn't work so well at Youth Group so I tucked that one away.

So I dislike Yew Year resolutions. However, I'm going to create a list here of things I would like to do, but that aren't legally binding.

1. Finish that novel I'm currently 59K words into.

2. Get into Fuller Theological Seminary for my MAT in Theology and Biblical Studies.

3. See if I can sell a script.

Two of these are doable, and I'll let you guess which one's I am referring to.

Happy New Beer.



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  2. great "tiny" list of new year resolution. No matter how tiny or extensive a new year resolution is, if it is not grounded in the fear of the lord we tend to loose interest since the will which is almost entirely given by God is lost along the way.