Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You Know, I Learned Something Today. . .

Last Sunday, I wrote roughly 20,500 words of my novel. The reason I don't post more about it is because I haven't finished it and I prefer being intentionally coy. Plus, I like writing the word coy.

I've never scheduled a writing session like that before. Everything from eating breaks to 5 minute intervals of cracking both back and neck was a rarity with me. I usually write roughly from 8pm to 11pm before calling it a night and maybe I write 8-12 pages of script or 1-2,000 words of my novel. It's a fun way to do it, as everything from the day coalesces into one purpose:

You know, I learned something to day and I'm going to write about it. Well, not really, but using such experiences to bolster the way the day went helps a lot. It clears my mind, adds words and creates an atmosphere that is palapable for me.

I have written roughly 26% of my actual novel, with maybe 10% of it being written in that entire day. I'm a quarter of the way done and I did a healthy chunk of it that day. Thinking about it just makes my neck hurt.

The consequences were a sore neck, a sore throat and a bad attitude for about five minutes. That is, until I got up and meandered around the house, complaining to the cat because no one else was awake. Then I felt better and successful.

So, all in all, I learned that pushing yourself can result in a pained body but a happy ending. In terms of story.


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