Monday, March 3, 2014

Marriage, Hell & Sunflower Seeds

The Inner Library (Wikipedia)
Its been a while since I've graced you with my presence. I trust you are well. Its been an odd couple of months. Allison has a new job that takes her away for 50 hours a week, and I'm working full-time as well. As I was making her dinner tonight, I was struck by how fun it can be, living this way. While I could certainly do without her being gone for such a long time per day, it gives me a chance to decompress and plan out the various items that need…decompression. With Fuller on the horizon (I will be attending the Fall quarter) for both of us (Allison got accepted into the PhD program at Fuller, so that's exciting!), its been a time of great anticipation.

On the hell front, I will be attending a theological conference in Houston, Texas at the Lanier Theological Library. This is the first time I've ever in a place hotter than the topic under discussion. I've submitted two papers to the conference and will be informed whether or not they've been accepted for reading. Since I've got the hook up (being a member of the team), I think I stand a good chance of being accepted. One of my papers is a historical survey of a famous philosopher and the other is on Paul. So, either way, I will be hanging out with Greg, Joey, Chris, Glenn, John Stackhouse, Ed Fudge and Sara Faye. So should be fun!

On the sunflower seed front, I've developed a crippling addiction. So nothing new to really report, except in the case of of the apocalypse, my body may be mined for new plant life.

Blessings. Thanks for reading. I'll try to keep my blog updated, and all that.


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