Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Atheism & "The God Wars"

This was enlightening. Several atheists sat down and discussed various differing opinions about their aversion/respect towards religion. Some even suggested very non-mainstream atheist approaches that backfired on them.
"Alain De Botton is the most recent and, consequently, the most shocked victim. He has just produced a book, Religion for Atheists: a Non-Believer's Guide to the Uses of Religion, mildly suggesting that atheists like himself have much to learn from religion and that, in fact, religion is too important to be left to believers. He has also proposed an atheists' temple, a place where non-believers can partake of the consolations of silence and meditation. 
This has been enough to bring the full force of a neo-atheist fatwa crashing down on his head. The temple idea in particular made them reach for their best books of curses.
“I am rolling my eyes so hard that it hurts," wrote the American biologist and neo-atheist blogger P Z Myers. "You may take a moment to retch. I hope you have buckets handy." Myers has a vivid but limited prose palette. 
There have been threats of violence [as well]. . ."
To continue, NewStatesman article


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  1. this is one of those articles i need to read at least 4 times. i don't follow all the lines of reasoning so well, the english is very academic and there's a lot of words i don't understand. i did catch the overall idea though. atheism has a big problem - one of intolerance.

    not only that, but i fear that atheism has the potential to be just as cruel, if not more so, than any religion out there.